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    • 外婆家
      SINCE 1998

      GRANDMA'S HOME, just like the family in the west lake side of the propaganda, like everywhere, "roots" plot, GRANDMA’S HOME with the most pure cooking method to restore the traditional flavor, where you can enjoy authentic hangzhou taste from the abundant place—zhejiang.

    • 爐魚
      SINCE 2013

      Only the fire and grilled fish,a "small and beautiful" restaurant, wherever it goes, the popularity is of no less than GRANDMA'S HOME.


    • 金牌外婆家
      SINCE 2013

      From the store decoration design to the style of the dishes design, production, etc., are more emphasis on quality, to create a delicate food life.


    • 穿越外婆家
      SINCE 2013

      As a restaurant that GRANDMA'S HOME  build as the flagship store, this store will be a GRANDMA'S HOME dining course summary, and a comprehensive improvement of understanding of food and beverage as well .

    • 蒸年青
      SINCE 2015

      Steaming hot,"steam" out of hangzhou taste


    • 宴西湖
      SINCE 2016

      Restaurant rely on"west lake on the dish" as an opportunity to return to the origin of hang bang dishes, combine the scenery of west lake , and the upgraded characteristics of hangzhou cuisine in one.

      Hangzhou people pay attention to seasonal, do not eat in the wrong time, "banquet west lake" also take spring and summer autumn and winter as the theme, quarterly push two sets of dishes to sub-table in the form of production.



    • 杭兒風
      SINCE 2016

      The old taste in the memory of hangzhou people , a restaurant with a city food stamp. West lake with the beauty, the wind is blowing .

    • 豬爸
      SINCE 2017

      Pig  pa is a high-end pork experience restaurant using NetEase Weiyang Pork as main ingredient , which is jointly presented by GRANDMA'S HOME and NetEase.